Now that you are in the wonderful world of entrepreneurship you are ready for the next phase. This is a must have for every business regardless of the industry. Yes, you said it “The Business Plan.” Why do I need a business plan you ask? Well, it’s simple. The business plan is needed because it is the road map that ultimately leads to you desired destination. It takes you from your starting point which is your initial business idea to your desired goal of a successful business.

The business plan clearly points out obstacles you may encounter along your business venture, as well as alternate routes that may be taken. Some people dread coming up with a business plan and view it as being a chore. In actuality a business plan is an opportunity to learn more about your industry and market, gain control over your business, and obtain a competitive edge.

Think about it, who is the person responsible for the overall success of your business? Who will be required to QB the entire operation? Whose job is it to make it all work? The answer is a fairly simple one, you! That being said, hone in on three core parts of a business plan.

1. Marketing Plan

You will be able to develop a marketing plan based on a well-defined target market and evaluation of your industry and competition. With technology being as accessible as it is, using google analytics or any other software to target a specific market is fairly simple. The use of social media will be a great avenue to get the word out about your business. The key to successful marketing is knowing your audience, so use other resources that can provide a deeper insight on how to find those customers.

2. Operational Budget

Without the right tools at your disposal, you can be facing a huge mountain of data to overcome when it comes to tracking your sales and your inventory on hand.

3. Company Structure

As obvious as this may seem, developing a successful business requires that you have a structure in place. The purpose of this structure is to ensure that your company can remain operational despite time, new management, and other variables that seriously affect how your business operates. For this reason we recommend that one takes time to truly identity how the company will operate, keys to success, mission statement, and flow of management. Once in place, you can ensure flawless operation and smooth succession should you decide to later sell your company.

A good business plan, if put together well, will help you achieve your business goals. It will save you time and money by focusing your business resources on areas of importance. You will also be gaining more control over your finances, marketing, daily operations, as well as helping you raise the capital needed to fund your business venture. There is nothing else that can propel you farther than the creation of your business plan. So what are you waiting for?

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