• Settings

    How do I setup company info?

    Simply enter the required fields such as your company name, phone number, address, fax number, email, and tax id (VAT in some cases) number. There is an additional field that asks for your business industry. Please enter this information as it will help us when updating our software to provide you with more resources relevant to your industry.

    What is the currency code and why do I need it?

    The currency code is what is used to identify the form of currency being used to process sells and create invoices. For example if you live within the United States the currency code used will be "USD" and not "$". It can be changed at anytime within the settings page.

    Why Am I being asked for my time zone?

    The time zone feature is used to synch information such as email reminders, appointments, and notifications specific to your location and time. Simply choose your location and click enter. We will handle the rest!

    Can I process payments on this site?

    Yes, we have integrated various payment gateways such as; Paypal, Wepay, Stripe, and are continually adding more payment options to allow our users to accept payments through our site. Integration is seamless, meaning that you don’t have to leave our site to use these services.

    How can I use the payment gateway?

    When you choose the gateway of your choice, you will be asked to provide all the key information needed in order to activate that gateway through our site. Follow the instructions for seamless integration. A video tutorial is provided should you need it. When you are prepared to process a sale through the cash register, the payment gateway chosen will appear and allow you to charge your customer's credit card.

    Can I change the payment gateway?

    Yes, simply go to the settings page and click on the currency page. Once you choose the payment gateway of your choice, you will be asked to enter all the information needed to activate that particular gateway. Once activated, the gateway can now be used within the cash register. All information from your previous gateway will be kept should you decide to use it at a later time.

    How do I create a new service?

    Simply go to settings and click “Manage Services”, then enter your service name and service rate. Once saved, this service will be accessible through the dashboard.

    Am I limited on the number of services that I can create?

    No, you can create as many services as needed.

    Can I import a file from excel or quickbooks into the weteak software?

    Yes, you can import a file from any program that supports csv file type. Simply follow our instructions, which are listed on the page and integration will be smooth. A video tutorial is available if you need it. Once imported, the file can be edited.

    How do I create a new customer?

    Go into the setting's page and click “Manage Customers”. Once there simply enter your customer’s information then save. This information will now be available through the dsashboard.

    Am I limited on the number of customers that I can create?

    No, you can create as many customers as needed.

    How do I create a new product?

    Simply click on settings, then go to “Manage Inventory”. Enter all key information for the specified product then submit. You'll receive notifications whenever you run low on products that you sell.

    What if I want to manage inventory?

    Products are managed through the inventory page. Weteak manages most of the inventory and only requires that you keep up with inventory notifications which will inform you on what needs to be updated.

    Can I edit a product or service after it’s been created?

    Yes, go to the respective page, "Manage Services" for all services and "Manage Inventory" for all products, and find the item you need.Click on the name to edit

  • Dashboard

    What is the dashboard?

    This is the central station where customers are charged for products/services. This is also where appointments are generated and emailed. Estimates can be emailed from the dashboard and invoices created simultaneously. New customers can also be created within the dashboard. The dashboard has everything you will need to manage your company.

    How do I find my existing customers?

    While on the dashboard, go to the customer drop down menu and open to view your customer's names. Choose the name you’d like and all other fields will automatically populate with the customer's name, address, email, and phone number. This information will be needed to create estimates and invoices.

    How do I find products or services that have already been created?

    Once inside the dashboard, go to the product or service list to find the names of the products and services you created. After you have chosen the product or service, all other fields will populate such as relevant taxes and hourly rates. All you have to do is enter the quantity amount then submit to finalize.

    How do I create a new invoice or estimate?

    While inside the dashboard, choose the customer name, product or service, and enter the respective quantity. Once scroll down to the appointment section to create an appointment and save the appointment. Saving the appointment is how all estimates and invoices are created. If you choose not to create an appointment, then leave fields as they are and click "Save Appointment" to conclude and create estimates.

    How do I create an appointment?

    Click on add appointment and a calendar will appear. Enter the date and choose the time from the drop down menu or manually enter the date and time. Once done, the user can request a reminder about this appointment and can even restrict the software from creating appointments within several minutes of this appointment.

    What happens if I don’t need to create an appointment?

    If that is the case, simply enter all information about your customer, product or service quantity, then simply click "save appointment".

    Can appointments be changed after created?

    Yes, appointments can be edited after created. While inside the dashboard scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose the appointment you would like to edit. After you have chosen the appointment, choose edit and make all necessary changes to your appointment.

    What is the calendar?

    After appointments are created, they can be viewed within the calendar. The calendar can be viewed from a daily, weekly, and monthly view. As you approach the time for your next appointment, you should receive an email reminder about the upcoming appointment.

  • Expense Tracking

    How can I enter a new expense?

    The user can enter a new expense by creating an expense name, payment frequency, cost, and date. The user also has the ability to input special notes about this expense within the note section.

    Can I categorize expenses?

    Yes, you can use our pre-defined list of expense categories or create an expense category to fit the needs of your business. This can be done by clicking on “Add a new category” and enter the expense category of your choice.

    Can I edit an expense after I create it?

    Yes, after expenses are created, they can be edited, changed, and deleted. Simply go to the expense page, choose the expense you would like to edit from the menu, and click edit to make changes.

  • Point of Sale

    How do I charge a customer for services rendered or products sold?

    After you’ve created an estimate through the dashboard it can be cashed out through the point of sale system (cash register). Simply go to the point of sale page and click on the "Cash Register" then select the checkout option. The user can now choose what payment method to accept ( cash, credit card, and check).

    How do I accept cash?

    Simply choose the cash option and enter how much the customer is paying on the balance. You can accept a portion of the payment up of front and the remainder of the payment afterward. This feature is perfect for businesses that require a deposit to begin services. For example, 25% upfront to begin services and %75 to complete and finalize project.

    Can I accept credit cards?

    Yes, when cashing out a sale, choose the credit card option. At this point, the gateway that was created during setup will be used to accept credit cards from your customer.

    Can I accept checks?

    Yes, checks can be accepted. Simply enter the check number, account number, routing number, and click enter to close sale. Please use caution when accepting checks as our sytem does not allow users to process checks immediately. This is only available as a tracking tool for customers that pay with checks.

    Can I email and print receipts?

    Yes, receipts can be emailed and printed.

    Where can I find all my closed sales?

    All sales can be found within the sales list. Closed sales can also be found within the sales report under the reports page.