The Total Inventory Management Solution in Cloud Computing

Posted by Weteak Cloud Accounting on October 14, 2015

Businesses that rely on point of sales systems must have the right inventory management solution, or risk falling behind and into potential disaster. Where older systems may have relied on the outdated practice of spreadsheets or Excel, it’s no better than using a notepad in many cases, because of the lack of functionality and inventory control. Some of these legacy methods are sure fire ways to doom your inventory control, and can become costly headaches when you need to migrate to a better solution for your company.

Many programs and platforms exist that can combine inventory control into one easy to use system. The problem then becomes running these systems on your network can be costly, and fraught with pitfalls like data loss or system crashes. Natural disasters and other problems can also affect your company’s ability to manage and control inventory.

Some of these problems such as fire or theft can really derail your business and hamper its ability to operate and function.This problem can further be compounded without the right backup plan in place to create duplicates of your database and your inventory counts. Hiring an outside service to backup your data is always a good idea, but instead of burdening yourself with added costs and more bills, have you considered cloud computing for your inventory control needs?

Companies like can give you a turnkey solution for your inventory control, and combines backup and management functions in one simple, easy to use package. Data accounting is made easy with the power of cloud computing, and with a one stop solution like there’s little doubt that your company is in good hands. can give you a cloud based inventory management system that’s unparalleled in features and reliability, and ensure 100% uptime for our control mode.

Some of the benefits from converting to a cloud computing platform include, but are not limited to; optimized workflow, increased controls, added benefits and features, and complete data redundancy. Not only that but you won’t have to spend money on hardware or expand your staff just to manage this rather important facet of your day to day operations.

Cloud computing puts your data in a completely redundant environment and not only delivers lightning fast response and ease of use, but also gives you access no matter where you are. Inventory management is also made easier through a solution like, because you can track your sales, payables and income through one simple interface.

Being able to quickly recognize best sellers and limit costly mistakes to your inventory, such as running out of stock or buying too much of the same product is vital for businesses of not only today but tomorrow as well. If you are looking to get onboard with the next generation of inventory management platforms, head over to to see what they can do for your point of sale business.